The Monday Academy

At the Nine Croft Road, we’re dedicated to the development of our skills as well as those of our apprentices, by striving to improve standards and customer service through training and knowledge transfer. 

And there’s no better way for a trainee to gain experience and understanding of cutting, colouring and people skills than in the busy environment of a Salon. For this reason, we’ve created ‘The Monday Academy’

We are looking for people who have the patience and understanding to allow a stylist of different levels to gain real-world experience.

Each employee has to meet a required programme of procedures and is continuously monitored and assessed by our senior directors in-house, before they can work on the salon floor unsupervised. 

This ensures our full confidence in an apprentice’s ability to deliver the service and finish that meets the standards that our customers expect from us.

If you’d like to help the next generation of Hairstylist then please read on and follow the next steps,

— Fill out the questionnaire and details about yourself. 

If we know your hair colour, style and your preference then we can contact you on a specific Monday! So that way we won’t expect your long blonde locks to be turned into a Short Brunette Bob.. Unless you want it that way! Communication is key!

— Patience!  

For us to carefully carry out detailed teaching & explanations a standard hair procedure can take twice or three times longer than a general service. People with calm disposition would probably find the experience easier however we do our utmost to have 100% supervision. 

— Clients must be willing to have photos taken for the personal development from each Colourist or Stylist. 

Photos may be used for marketing purposes but your permission will be required for this.  

— There is a nominal fee of £3 pound for haircut services or £8.90 for colour services. This service is open to both men and women. 

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